Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just another chalkboard!

I know there a a million chalkboard projects out in blog land, but I hadn't done one yet so here it is.
I found this calendar holder that was the perfect size for an empty wall in my kitchen.
Do you see that $42.00 boutique price tag!..........ya right!  I paid $2.

Ripped off the apples, and scrolls on the sides. Primed and painted then added a coat of glaze.
 My kids have loved leaving notes to each other.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Cabinet...Nightstand....Dresser..... whatchamacallit.....thingamajig!

I have been looking for a nightstand for a loooooonnnnggg time to for our master bedroom. The issue was the bed, it is big and high so a regular size nightstand just looked funny next to the bed. When I was out treasure hunting I found this piece for $10. It is taller than a nightstand, smaller than a cabinet..not sure what this thing is, but the size was perfect. The looks on the other hand weren't perfect.... pictures don't do it's ugliness justice, it had coats of yellowing polyurethane, it had that old smell and the inside was really beat up, but I loved the lines and the metal details on the doors.

I normally don't take on all the work of stripping down and sanding off all of the finish, but this piece really needed to be cleaned up! So a few hours later I was down to the raw wood.

I removed the metal scrolly things and sanded again with a lighter grit paper....just like new!
After this I primed and spray painted with Krylon Brushed Metallic in nickel. I liked the finish but the silver color looked cheap. I needed to add some depth to the color and also to bring out the details. So I used a dark brown glaze over the silver, much better. (sorry no pictures of that step)

Added some glass knobs and its done! I really like how it turned out.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When I saw this topiary for $2 I snatched it up! I new all it needed was a little TLC. First off all the ugly, dated silk ivy.

I hot glued a bag of moss from the dollar store to the grapevine. I am proud to say not one glue gun burn! Very unusual for me!

I sprayed the moss with Design Master in fresh green. This spruced up the color. If you haven't ever used Design Master it is a great product. It is made for the floral trade but can be used for many projects. The "Just for Flowers" line is a color glaze rather than a paint, so its great for adding a hint of color.

You can see in this picture how the paint brings the color of the moss to life.
I found a pot I had in the garage...and waaalaaa........ Not bad for $3.

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